As an online gambling company, SportsBetting may have the easiest to remember name in the business. However, they also have some of the most memorable sites for gamblers. Their main website, their sportsbook, is recognized globally as one of the best bookmakers in the business. The company itself was founded in 1999 and now stands as one of the world's largest, with over a million active accounts. Throughout the entire network, players can wager on sports betting, horses, casino games and online poker. When it comes to their sportsbook, SportsBetting is one we thoroughly reviewed to ensure the information was accurate. Upon first glance, we found some reports of players speaking about delays in their payments. However, most of these complaints were from players who opted to have a check mailed, and then blamed SportsBetting for the delay. From everything we're able to dig up on the company, they come across as very safe and secure, and able to offer players tons of different betting options.

They also cater directly to US-based players, which is a road that not many sites today want to travel. And of those that do go that route, it's hard to find a reputable site that has a long history like SportsBetting. With proprietary software and a license in Panama City, SportsBetting seems to be unique in a few areas when compared to other sites, but certainly aren't doing any shady business that we can find. They seem dedicated to offering a quality customer experience. Information Licensing And Regulation

As noted previously, SportsBetting license is in Panama City, Panama. This offshore location means that the site is operated outside of US jurisdiction, and thus they're able to offer their services to US-based players without breaking any laws. Although America would love it if these sites didn't offer their services to Americans, there's really nothing the USA can do about it. Panama City also has some quality regulators on their gambling commission, so you can be sure that a watchful eye is kept over the goings-on at SportsBetting. You can learn more in our legal bookmaking section of the site.

Safe And Reliable Banking Options

When it comes to the banking options offered by SportsBetting, as in their deposit and withdrawal methods, they are actually known for having some of the most reliable options for US players. In particular their credit card processing department is easily one of the best. They accept Visa, MC and American Express cards, and have one of the best success rates in the industry for getting your deposits to go through. They also recently added Bitcoin as both a deposit and withdrawal method. This is a big thing for American players who know all too well the difficulties US players have in deposit and collecting payouts from sportsbooks. Other payout options for Americans include bank wire and checks via courier. Non USA players have many more options for both depositing and withdrawing such as Instadebit, Neteller and Skrill.

Mobile Betting Options

Not only does the site cater to a mobile audience, they actually have an entire section that's designed just for mobile gamblers. You can even find a mobile-specific bonus of $50 extra earned toward your first mobile bet. They even allow you to embrace the mobile experience entirely by scanning a QR code on your phone/tablet to take advantage of the bonus. And rather than having to download an app to keep it handy and take up space, you can actually play the SportsBetting mobile version by visiting the site on your phone or tablet. The responsive template will instantly adjust to your device's OS and give you the full mobile experience without having to download anything. And all the games and betting types from the full-featured site will be available in mobile, so you're not losing anything but are rather gaining more convenience.

Bonuses And Promotions

One of the first things anyone is going to see when visiting the SportsBetting website is their huge $1000 bonus for first-time members. This comes by way of a deposit match that up to $1000. Now, it's important to note that this isn't just free money that's stuffed into your account instantly. You will receive it in installments as you play. But it doesn't take as long to get as with other sites. And it's certainly not the only bonus available. You can also receive a 25% bonus for life, when you use the promo code "FORLIFE." Any time you deposit any amount up to $1000, you will receive a 25% bonus on it. So this is an ongoing promotion that will give you more money every single time you put more in.

The site is also big on ongoing promotions, like the $50 mobile bonus we already covered, and the $25 in-game betting bonus that you can get on sports like football. They even have NHL-specific bonuses, like the Reduced Juice bonus where you can find 10-cent lines, which is cut in half. Keep your eyes peeled for additional bonuses and promotions that the site will regularly offer.

Types of Sports and Bets Covered by the Site

The variety of SportsBetting's many options is important to cover. For instance, you have different categories of bets, including live-bets and prop bets. These are different than the line bets, whose odds will be set before a match. You bet on the line you want (spread, O/U, etc), and await the result. With props and live betting, you're betting while the game is being played, on quarter-by-quarter results, more of a fantasy-style tally of "points" like a TD scored or home run hit, and other live-action elements. You have these many options, and for sports like football (NFL, CFB), basketball (NBA, CBB), baseball, hockey, soccer/footy, cricket, car racing, golf, Olympics, and many more domestic and international offerings.

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